Healing: A poem featuring Koda the Goldendoodle

Healing is getting healthy again,

Only the body knows exactly when.

Healing occurs after a broken bone,

Recovery time is often unknown.

Healing is taking a much needed rest,

Time to relax and not be stressed.

Healing is leading others help you,

You will see the friends who are true.

Healing is a process in can be slow,

Use the time to reflect and grow.

What have you healed from?


Baseball is an American past time,

A favorite sport for such a long time.

The bat cracks and the crowd gets loud,

Coaches and teammates are very proud.

The white ball flies over the fence,

A home run makes the game intense.

The next better steps up to the plate,

Hoping not to strike and hit it straight.

A day at the ball park is always fun,

Be prepared for cold or hot sun.

Who is your favorite baseball team?

Comfort: A poem featuring LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Elijah, Joy, Abner, Miriam, Cubby, Devorah, Gabriel, and Triton.

Comfort is offering a healing touch,

When life is feeling like too much.

Comfort is listening to someone in need,

Free from judgment and criticism indeed.

Comfort is giving a shoulder to lean on,

Be supportive and create some calm.

Comfort is using encouraging words,

A time for us to calm the nerves.

Comfort is going that extra mile,

To give us all a chance to smile.

LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs serving in Uvalde, TX


Ways to Relax

Now that school is out for summer, I get to go on more daytime walks! I love walking around our neighborhood pond and seeing the geese and their goslings. I frequently lounge in my favorite red chair as a way to relax. Don’t over schedule yourself and take needed time to unwind and recharge.

Get outside!
My red chair!


Relaxing is taking an afternoon nap,

A time to take off your thinking cap.

Relaxing is watching your favorite movie,

Grab some popcorn and make a smoothie.

Relaxing is getting outside for a walk,

Connect with nature and look for a hawk.

Relaxing is nurturing your body and mind,

Take deep breaths and always be kind.

Relaxing is finding your creative side,

Find a hobby and do it with pride.

How do you relax?


The earth wakes up from a cold winter nap,

Longer days make us dance and clap.

Birds happily sing and fly with ease,

The bright sun shines as if to please.

Flowers bloom with vibrant colors,

Trees grow their leaves like all the others.

The school year has only a few months to go,

Kids count down the days with a glow.

The rejuvenating season is one of four,

The lovely three months make us want more.

What does spring mean to you?


Obedience is the act of following the rules,

It is never polite to ignore and refuse.

Obedience is listening to your mom or dad,

Making good choices will make you glad.

Obedience is learning to respect your elders,

Make it special by becoming their helper.

Obedience is following your teacher’s request,

Learning is fun so always try your best.

Obedience includes structure and self-respect,

Ask yourself about the meaning and then reflect.

Am I supposed to be on the couch?

Christmas: A poem featuring Rocco the Bull Mastiff

The day has come we’ve waited for all year,

A time to celebrate the reason for the cheer.

Our Savior was born for all of us to see,

The beautiful people we are allowed to be.

Stockings are hung by the fire with care,

Twinkling lights make the tree not bare.

Lists are made an the elves go to work,

Stay on the nice list for a holiday perk.

This time of year is merry and bright,

Merry Christmas to all and stay warm tonight.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?


Thanksgiving is being with family and friends,

Hoping the wonderful day never ends.

Giving thanks to all the people you love,

The reason for gathering will rise above.

Thanksgiving is a time to relax and catch up,

Take time to slow down and fill up your cup.

An abundance of laughter takes over the room,

Traditions and memories may start to bloom.

Thanksgiving is filled with love and gratitude,

A day to reflect on your positive attitude.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?