Kindness: A poem featuring Lucy the Great Pyrenees and Elvis the Cat

Kindness is checking on someone in need,

Making them feel like they can succeed.

Kindness is opening the door for somebody,

Even if you’re rushing to buy some coffee.

Kindness is always being a good friend,

Choose your words and do not offend.

Kindness is offering a shoulder to lean on,

Be a good listener and don’t show a yawn.

Kindness is being inclusive and real,

Be the reason someone wants to heal.

How do you show kindness?

Labor Day: A poem featuring Nickel Labrador Ember

Labor Day is celebrating the American worker,

A day of rest for the hard-working earner.

Labor day is spent with family or friends,

Time off the clock with no paper and pens.

Labor Day is reflecting on a job well done,

A holiday for you means go have some fun.

Labor Day is a shortened work week,

No Monday blues to make you freak.

Labor Day is a time to lie in your nest,

Get some rest so you can be your best.

How do you spend your Labor Day?

Smile: A Poem featuring Echo the Weimaraner

A big smile is a beautiful thing,

A gesture that can make your heart sing.

A big smile is a sign of gratitude,

A way to show your positive attitude.

A big smile can even say hello,

Lifting your spirits if feeling low.

A big smile can change the mood,

No one wants to be called rude.

A big smile can make someone’s day,

Always be kind and ask them to play.

What does your smile say about you?


The time has come for back-to-school,

Don’t forget the number one rule.

Respect all of your teachers and peers,

Surely you’re happy and there are no tears.

Learning is fun so get ready to study,

You may even find a new lunch buddy.

Find a system to keep yourself organized,

After school time should be prioritized.

Teachers are nice and there to help you,

Advocate for yourself and be friendly too.

How do you feel about Back-to-School?

Stop And Smell The Roses

Don’t let life pass you by,

Take time to appreciate the why.

Our lives are busy and we must see,

The many things that allow us to be.

Start your day with a grateful heart,

Take a walk or sketch some art.

Live life fully for each day is a gift,

Find some roses and take a whiff.

Don’t let life pass you by,

Slow it down so the days don’t fly.

Have you stopped and smelled the roses today?

Protection: A poem featuring Tulsa Police Officer and Firefighter Khara and Frank Bresee

A benefit of living in the red, white, and blue,

Are the police and firefighters watching over you.

When you’re hurt or feeling scared,

Dial 911 because they are prepared.

Police officers enforce the many laws,

They are brave and deserve an applause.

Firefighters rescue people in emergencies,

Putting out fires with a sense of urgency.

Show respect to a community worker,

Watch closely and be a good learner.

Has a police officer or firefighter ever helped you?


Taking walks can clear your mind,

In case you’re stressed or feeling fine.

Take a walk and you may find,

That walk may allow you to unwind.

Have you taken a walk today?

Swimming: A poem featuring Miller the Golden Retriever

A dip in the pool is always refreshing,

The fun activity can be a blessing.

Relaxing on a float makes you hotter,

Cooling off by swimming underwater.

Life jackets may be part of the deal,

Safety first no matter how they feel.

Spend some time after you eat,

Give your body a break from the heat.

Whether the lake, beach, or even a pool,

Water safety is the number one rule.

Do you enjoy swimming?

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Second Chances: A poem featuring Jules the St. Martin Rescue Dog

A second chance is a new beginning,

The new opportunity has you grinning.

A second chance is a gift from the world,

A new direction to which you turned.

A second chance is a dream come true,

Embrace the possibility given to you.

A second chance is different from the past,

Stick with a plan and make it last.

A second chance is a new set of goals,

Pay it forward and welcome your roles.

When did you get a second chance?


Sometimes in life the climb will be hard,

Maybe an inch can seem like a yard.

We’ve all been told to think positively,

A daunting task can affect us negatively.

It is not a race to see who will win,

Enjoy the journey once you begin.

You may encounter hurdles along the way,

Set attainable goals with each new day.

Don’t give up when the going gets tough,

Always remember that you are enough.

What climb are you most proud of?