Euclid Falcons: A poem dedicated to the 8th-grade class

The time has come to say goodbye,

To the middle school that taught you to fly.

With years of memories built in your head,

Please remember us as you move ahead.

From core classes to electives in-between,

The Falcon Flash and times to sing.

Making new friends and paving the way,

We hope you’ll look back and smile someday.

Show your school spirit and cheer with pride,

For the middle school that has been by your side.

The Euclid Falcon waves goodbye to the 8th-grade class!

Mothers: A poem featuring Dolly the German Wirehaired Pointer and her pups

A mother’s love is like no other,

A strong bond that connects each other.

A mother is there to dry your tears,

Hold your hand and calm your fears.

The relationship may see highs and lows,

An unconditional love that forever grows.

A mother is a role model for her family,

Leading the way and caring greatly.

A mother will be there until the end,

Shower her with love and be a friend.

A mother’s love is special!

Graduation: A poem featuring Clancy the Bassett Hound

Graduation is a fun time to celebrate,

All of your accomplishments up to date.

As chapters end and new ones begin,

Life can feel like it’s starting over again.

Exciting new jobs, cities, and even friends,

The changes see growth and popular trends.

Stand up tall on your graduation day,

Embrace the path that will lead the way.

Throw your cap up high in the sky,

Show the world you are ready to fly.

Do you know someone who is graduating this year?

Eye Rolling

Rolling your eyes is not very cool,

It’s not something they teach you in school.

Eye rolling often sends mixed signals,

Whether aimed at strangers or your dear ones.

Rolling your eyes can describe your mood,

It doesn’t show happiness or hunger for food.

Use your words to express your intent,

Flash a smile to show you’re content.

Eye rolling can send the wrong message!


We get on an airplane to fly far away,

Someplace exciting where we can play.

Get to the airport in plenty of time,

Buying snacks will cost you a dime.

Abide by the rules when going through security,

Shoes on or off seems to change frequently.

Get to your gate and wait for boarding,

Hopefully you checked in yesterday morning.

Be a good passenger and keep to yourself.

Ask the stewardess if you need some help.

Have you flown on an airplane before?

Words Matter

We all have thoughts swirling in our head,

Think twice before they are words being said.

Always ask yourself how you would feel,

Don’t give a person a reason to heal.

Tell someone you like their sweater,

Never tell anyone that you are better.

Words stick and can’t be taken back,

If you’re angry do not attack.

Choose wisely as words are important,

So many words give us an assortment.

Have you used kind words today?

Skin Care: A poem featuring Lola the Goldendoodle

Loving your skin is the best thing to do,

Find a great product and then follow through.

Wash and dry your face to keep it clean,

Do not forget to moisturize in between.

Be sure to protect your skin from the sun,

Lather up with sunscreen went out having fun.

Start caring for your skin when you are young,

Be a role model and your praises will be sung.

Find a daily routine that works for you,

Healthy skin will keep you from feeling blue.

Do you have a skin care routine?

Doing Too Much: A poem featuring Tucker the Yorkie

Sometimes in life we try to do too much,

Causing a flow of anxious feelings and such.

Slow down and make sure your plate isn’t too full,

It is okay to say no even if you feel a pull.

Sometimes in life we try to do too much,

Limiting your ability to be productive enough.

Take time for yourself to relax each day,

Prioritize your time to include some play.

No Bragging: A poem featuring Kali the Corgi

We all will win and we all will lose,

If you win it will be exciting news.

Winning does not give you the right,

To walk around bragging all night.

Everyone tries their best at a game,

Never make anyone feel ashamed.

Winning is a moment to be proud,

Always complement your opponent out loud.

We are all proud of people who win,

Excessive bragging will make us think again.

Have you won anything lately?

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can shape your mind,

Focusing on leaving the negative behind.

Positive thinking can replace a frown,

Making you feel like you’re wearing a crown.

Positive thinking is saying, “Yes I Can,”

Giving your daily thoughts a plan.

Positive thinking is highlighting your strengths,

Self-conversations that go to great lengths.

Positive thinking is being confident,

Smiling big and giving a compliment.

Are you a positive thinker?