A friend is someone who makes you smile,

A friend is someone who likes your style.

A friend is someone who wipes away your tears,

A friend is someone who is with you for years

A friend is someone who listens to you talk,

A friend is someone who joins you on a walk.

A friend is someone who wants to play,

A friend is someone who saves the day.

My friend Marley and me

Rain: A poem featuring Clancy the Bassett Hound

The sky opens up and water pours down,

You may even hear a thunderous sound.

The tap of the rain is nature’s music,

It is often referred to as therapeutic.

Use your umbrella if out on the town,

Go inside when lightning is around.

Have a back up plan for a rainy day,

Mother Nature decides when to play.

After a storm a rainbow may appear,

Be on the lookout as it will disappear.

Do you like the rain?

Whining: A poem featuring Queenie the Rescue Horse

A whine is a high-pitched cry or sound,

Hearing a constant whimper is quite profound.

A whine is often the result of unhappiness,

Perhaps a state of shock or even crabbiness.

A whine can be used as a form of communication,

Yet it may end with a negative conversation.

A whine is a complaint or a call for help,

Understand the meaning of the sound of the yelp.

A whine is not always a bad expression,

Don’t confuse it with a feeling of affection.

How do you whine?

Diversity: A poem featuring Nickel Labradors Junie, Jake, Red, Charlotte, Lowkey, Moses, and Ruthie

Diversity is the practice of including everyone,

Free of negative comments by anyone.

Diversity is seeing past what’s on the outside,

Learning to value what is on the inside.

Diversity is a variety of colors and sizes,

Using peace and acceptance if a conflict arises.

Diversity is being proud of any unique traits.

No matter the background, ethnicity, or race.

Diversity is a beautiful mixture of complexions,

Embracing all of the glamorous imperfections.

Embrace Diversity


The sky is bright and filled with rays,

Perhaps you even need some shades.

The sun gently wraps your body up,

The beauty of nature will fill your cup.

Get outside and enjoy the perfect day,

Call your friends and meet up to play.

Protect your skin from the strength of the sun,

Lather up with sunscreen before having fun.

The warmth of the sun is like no other,

Grab your people and enjoy it together.

How do you enjoy the sunshine?

Memorial Day

Memorial day is for the red, white, and blue,

To thank the military for all that they do.

Brave men and women make freedom exist,

We pay our respects to those who are missed.

Memorial day is for the red, white, and blue,

We honor the present and past soldiers too.

Show respect to those in uniform passing by,

Give them with a wink or even say hi.

How do you celebrate Memorial Day?

Euclid Falcons: A poem dedicated to the 8th-grade class

The time has come to say goodbye,

To the middle school that taught you to fly.

With years of memories built in your head,

Please remember us as you move ahead.

From core classes to electives in-between,

The Falcon Flash and times to sing.

Making new friends and paving the way,

We hope you’ll look back and smile someday.

Show your school spirit and cheer with pride,

For the middle school that has been by your side.

The Euclid Falcon waves goodbye to the 8th-grade class!

Mothers: A poem featuring Dolly the German Wirehaired Pointer and her pups

A mother’s love is like no other,

A strong bond that connects each other.

A mother is there to dry your tears,

Hold your hand and calm your fears.

The relationship may see highs and lows,

An unconditional love that forever grows.

A mother is a role model for her family,

Leading the way and caring greatly.

A mother will be there until the end,

Shower her with love and be a friend.

A mother’s love is special!

Graduation: A poem featuring Clancy the Bassett Hound

Graduation is a fun time to celebrate,

All of your accomplishments up to date.

As chapters end and new ones begin,

Life can feel like it’s starting over again.

Exciting new jobs, cities, and even friends,

The changes see growth and popular trends.

Stand up tall on your graduation day,

Embrace the path that will lead the way.

Throw your cap up high in the sky,

Show the world you are ready to fly.

Do you know someone who is graduating this year?

Eye Rolling

Rolling your eyes is not very cool,

It’s not something they teach you in school.

Eye rolling often sends mixed signals,

Whether aimed at strangers or your dear ones.

Rolling your eyes can describe your mood,

It doesn’t show happiness or hunger for food.

Use your words to express your intent,

Flash a smile to show you’re content.

Eye rolling can send the wrong message!