Doing Too Much: A poem featuring Tucker the Yorkie

Sometimes in life we try to do too much,

Causing a flow of anxious feelings and such.

Slow down and make sure your plate isn’t too full,

It is okay to say no even if you feel a pull.

Sometimes in life we try to do too much,

Limiting your ability to be productive enough.

Take time for yourself to relax each day,

Prioritize your time to include some play.

No Bragging: A poem featuring Kali the Corgi

We all will win and we all will lose,

If you win it will be exciting news.

Winning does not give you the right,

To walk around bragging all night.

Everyone tries their best at a game,

Never make anyone feel ashamed.

Winning is a moment to be proud,

Always complement your opponent out loud.

We are all proud of people who win,

Excessive bragging will make us think again.

Have you won anything lately?

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can shape your mind,

Focusing on leaving the negative behind.

Positive thinking can replace a frown,

Making you feel like you’re wearing a crown.

Positive thinking is saying, “Yes I Can,”

Giving your daily thoughts a plan.

Positive thinking is highlighting your strengths,

Self-conversations that go to great lengths.

Positive thinking is being confident,

Smiling big and giving a compliment.

Are you a positive thinker?


Easter Sunday is a festive and joyful day,

To celebrate the resurrection on the third day.

A bunny may come and drop off some eggs,

Sometimes you hunt and tire out your legs.

Colorful baskets filled with and candy,

Children are happy and feeling dandy.

Easter reminds us to count our blessings,

Take the time to appreciate your successes.

Do you celebrate Easter?

Exercise: A poem featuring Tucker the Yellow Lab

Exercising is a healthy activity,

Exercising can also increase productivity.

Go for a run or do some jumping jacks,

Get some cardio in before you relax.

Call up a friend and go for a hike,

Take a long walk or ride a bike.

Find a gym that makes you feel comfortable,

Working out can make you feel vulnerable.

Get outside when the weather is nice,

Always use caution if there’s snow or ice.

Norman and Tucker on a hike!


There’s nothing better than starting a good book,

Reading is a fun hobby like learning to cook.

Look for a title that captures your attention,

Or even something that teaches a lesson.

With so many genres for you to try,

Historical fiction or a thriller with a spy.

There are educational and comics books,

Self-help and how to get the latest looks.

A book can turn into a Hollywood movie,

A love story theme or a plot that’s juicy.

Go to the library or quaint little bookshop,

Once you begin reading you won’t stop.

What are you reading?

Makeup: A poem featuring Remy Lynn the Chocolate Lab

Makeup is a way to express yourself,

So many shades to choose from the shelf.

Makeup is smokey eyes or a classic red lip,

Lipstick so bright it comes off with each sip.

Makeup is a pencil or liquid eyeliner,

Prices range from average to designer.

Makeup is rosy cheeks or a slight shimmer,

A look that results in a beautiful glimmer.

Sometimes even extensions are preferred.

Makeup is a hobby or a profession for some,

It’s exciting to see the new products that come.

Makeup is eyelashes that are thick and curled,

How does makeup make you feel?

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Be sure to wear green today!

Maybe the leaprachauns will come out to play!

Listen to that the Irish have to say!

Are you wearing green today?

Snow Day

Schools are closed for a snow day,

Grab your friends and go out and play.

Gather your sled and all the gear,

Head to the sledding hill and have no fear.

Be sure to bundle up so you stay warm,

Check the weather to avoid a storm.

Build a snowman that is six feet tall,

Make a fort with a snow packed wall.

Throw snowballs as far as you can,

Enjoy the day with all of your clan.

The sun is setting and it’s time to go in,

To reflect on what a fun days it’s been.

Snow day fun!

Doctors: A poem featuring Dr. Allison Jenkins, D.V.M

Doctors are professional who have many skills,

They make you feel better if you have the chills.

Doctors prescribe medicine if you are ill,

They tell you to rest and swallow the pill.

Doctors bandage scrapes if you fall down,

They can make you smile and replace a frown.

Doctors give shots as a layer of protection,

They educate you on preventing infection.

Doctors are kind and help their patients,

They always listen and have lots of patience.

Doctors are so nice!