St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Be sure to wear green today!

Maybe the leaprachauns will come out to play!

Listen to that the Irish have to say!

Are you wearing green today?

Snow Day

Schools are closed for a snow day,

Grab your friends and go out and play.

Gather your sled and all the gear,

Head to the sledding hill and have no fear.

Be sure to bundle up so you stay warm,

Check the weather to avoid a storm.

Build a snowman that is six feet tall,

Make a fort with a snow packed wall.

Throw snowballs as far as you can,

Enjoy the day with all of your clan.

The sun is setting and it’s time to go in,

To reflect on what a fun days it’s been.

Snow day fun!

Doctors: A poem featuring Dr. Allison Jenkins, D.V.M

Doctors are professional who have many skills,

They make you feel better if you have the chills.

Doctors prescribe medicine if you are ill,

They tell you to rest and swallow the pill.

Doctors bandage scrapes if you fall down,

They can make you smile and replace a frown.

Doctors give shots as a layer of protection,

They educate you on preventing infection.

Doctors are kind and help their patients,

They always listen and have lots of patience.

Doctors are so nice!

Grandparents: A poem featuring Mimi and Papa Ken

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Taking walks and enjoying the warm sun.

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Family dinners followed by dessert when done.

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Having a movie night or watching an old rerun.

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Be sure to tell them they’re your number one.

Hanging out with my grandparents!

Best Friends: A poem featuring Dolly the German Wirehaired Pointer and Jolene the Manx

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes,

Best friends are one of life’s greatest prizes.

Best friends share deep dark thoughts,

Best friends help each other with loss.

Best friends have mutual respect for each other,

Best friends never makes fun of one another.

Best friends have each other’s back,

Best friends sometimes split a snack.

Best friends make the other one happy,

Best friends may even have the same style.

Dolly and Jolene are best friends!


I hear it’s your birthday,

You’re older and wiser they say,

I hope you have a fun day.

Call up your friends and play,

I hear it’s your birthday,

Don’t let the day get away,

Let people celebrate you today,

Take you out to a fancy cafe.

I hear it’s your birthday,

Go to the beach if it’s May,

Maybe a party is underway

Nothing should make you feel gray,

When is your birthday?

New Baby: A poem featuring Bubs the English Cream Retriever

When your parents say they’re having a baby,

Your emotions may be understandably shaky.

I hope they don’t love the newborn more than me,

Don’t take my place I beg little he or she.

Learning to share attention can be a challenge,

It can sometimes even feel like an imbalance.

It will soon get easier to accept the new member,

You may even become a best friend contender.

When you hear the news of the future arrival,

Start planning now for your new role and title.

Bubs is going to be a big brother!

Compliments: A poem featuring Gabby the MaltiPoo

When you wear a beautiful sweater for all of us to see,

You may get a compliment from a stranger or me.

When someone says they like something about you,

Accept the kind words and always say thank you.

Do not refuse the compliment or even ask why,

Instead be grateful and look them in the eye.

Compliments are important and should be reciprocated,

Get one or give one, the act is appreciated.

Make it a point to make someone’s day,

By giving a compliment in a special way.

Gabby in her lovely sweater

Comfort Objects

When you’re stressed or feeling blue,

Grab an object that will comfort you.

Maybe a blanket or your favorite stuffed animals,

Fidget spinners and toys are other examples.

Keep these items in a particular spot,

In a closet, the car, or under a cot.

Comfort objects have no age limit,

Don’t be embarrassed if you get attached to it.

Go snuggle up and give yourself a break,

Get plenty of rest and don’t stay awake.

What is your comfort object?

The President

The president is the leader of the United States,

He or she may have many character traits.

The president lives in a big White House,

A family moves in along with the spouse.

The president is part of the Executive Branch,

American people cast their vote in advance.

The president applies laws written by Congress,

Learn the rules as you relax and decompress.

The president is our leader during a war,

U.S troops should be loved and adored.

The president’s jobs is to represent our nation,

Always show proper respect and admiration.

Who is your favorite president?